We plan to fly two classes:

WWII Aircombat

We will fly 5 pre-rounds, semi finals of best 21 pilots and finals of the best 7 pilots.

Additionally, we will compete in the Top Fighter ranking, where only points count that are gained flying a .15 class model. The best 7 pilots in the Top Fighter ranking will compete in an additional Top Fighter finals.

WWI Aircombat

We will fly 4 pre-rounds, semi finals of the best 18 pilots plus finals of the best 6 pilots.


ACES International rules apply. Models will be checked.

Liability insurance

In order to fly model airplanes in Germany, a liability insures is mandatory for all participants. The coverage amount has to be at least 2 million Euro.

The insurance has to be presented by the pilot with check-in. Please make sure that the provided documents are either in german or english.

If you do not have an appropriate insurance, you will be able to obtain a short term insurance for the WASG 2020 on site upon registration. The cost for this is about 20 Euro.